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Oh hey. Welcome to Polygon Comics!

I love comics, manga, light novels, and other works of fiction. Most of what I will be posting here will be reviews and other material related to comics, manga, and light novels.

Early Site Versions

The original appearance of the site in the early 2003 period!

Early on, I had gravitated towards a light purple color. The site went through a few revisions:

  • First version was hand edited HTML files and manually edited images.
  • The site was reworked to retain the original look, but employ scripts in the background, to update and generate the page.
  • The automated scripts were eventually replaced with Apache/Server-Side-Includes that executed a combination of Perl and Shell Scripts.
  • Eventually, this was replaced with Apache/PHP

Change In Color And Layout

A later version of the site. Went “green”

At some point, I decided to change the color scheme of the site to various shades of green. During this time, I continued to experiment with Cascading Style Sheets(CSS) as well as explore publishing platforms like Drupal, WordPress, and Gallery.

Current Iteration

The current iteration of the site runs on WordPress. Drupal is more powerful, but it also required more “tweaking” of the underlying code. After having switched back and forth between Drupal and WordPress, I eventually gravitated towards WordPress.