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Spirit Chickens

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Spirit Chickens – Delicious And Nutritious!

A common creature found in many #wuxia & #manhwa works of fiction is the “Spirit Chicken”.

Spirit Chicken
Spirit Chicken (aka EMMAUS ROOSTER CLIP ART) – http://www.clker.com/clipart-emmaus-rooster.html


Basically, it is like a regular chicken with a few characteristic differences, depending on the novel, author, etc:

  • They are usually exceptionally more colorful than regular chickens.
  • They are often raised by someone exclusively. Thus eating them would earn the ire of some personage…
  • Their size ranges from smaller than normal chickens to potentially the size of a cow.
  • Sometimes, they have superior speed, agility, and/or strength.
  • Consuming them not only fills one’s stomach, but also provides energy(usually qi, but can be other forms like spiritual power, mana, etc.)

Where Are They Normally Found?

It seems that these birds are usually found on some mountain hill or a valley… where there is a high concentration of energy. The idea being that the birds consume plants and bugs that are enriched by the surrounding energy and thus the bird would then become a repository of this energy.

In the mountains, it would be near some taoists’ cave abode, some personage’s wealthy home, or in some country hut’s yard… in each case, they are either wild or are being intentionally raised. With the goal of eventually being used in a medicine, banquet, etc.


Supposedly, they are amazingly juicy, plump, and tender! The meat is like slow cooked chicken chock full of umami and fat laden juices. Mmm…

Like other forms of spirit food, when consumed, the flesh and other parts of the bird would be digested and incorporated into your body and fuel your development, greatly enhancing your rate of progress!

Odds and Ends

Aside from the delicious flesh of the bird, you also have the feathers, beak, and bones! All of which can be used in a variety of concoctions and constructions. Be it to make medicines, clothing, fans, or to fuel some fire. Nothing is wasted.

In one case, the bones were buried in a garden. The result was that the plants that grew in that plot of soil grew to many times their normal size!