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Polygon Comics Graphical Headers

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Natural Plastic In Front of Purple Header Image Render – Blender + OpenSCAD

So the text and hexagon were modeled in OpenSCAD, exported to STL, imported into Blender, and assigned materials. Rendered using the Cycles engine.

  • The “Plastic” is a subsurface scattering material.
  • The background is a matte purple surface.

Red Glass On Black Background

I went with a darker theme. Using the same STL from the previous header, I assigned a crystalline. Used a cone spotlight for the partial illumination. Background was just a plane with matte black applied.

Golden Hexagons/Polygons

Golden Hexagon
Golden Hexagon – Multiple Hexagons, but no Polygon Comics Text

For this one, I played with the same OpenSCAD model, but removed the text.

A mux of gold, glass, and emission shapes.

Various Crystals

Crystal Hexagons
Crystal Hexagons – No heading

I took the setup from the previous render and made the hexagons into a mixture of different kinds of glass. Background was made dark to pull to black. Added subdivision with noise to give the crystal more “crystalline” appearance.

Crystal and Solar Surface – Subsurface red, crystal hex, and solar background.

For this one, I wanted to give something for the glass to transfer and refract. So I took a public domain(Nasa) solar image and applied it as a texture to a plane. Made it translucent. Added a light emitting plane behind it so that it will produce illumination.

The text is back, this time in subsurface scattering and in red.