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Tales of Demons and Gods – Light Novel Overview

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Tales of Demons and Gods

Perhaps a page from the Temporal Demon Spirit Book?


TLDR; A hero who struggled his whole life manages to go back in time to his childhood. Using his memories from the first time he went through his life, he basically cheats everything and everyone.

To be honest, the story is a good read, if you like revenge fantasies and self indulgent flexing wrapped up in a thin veneer of “doing good”. If you enjoy this kind of story line peppered with some light romance, minor intrigue, and DragonBall Z style over powered characters, then this quite likely the reading material for you!

An Interesting Adventure Into Self Satisfying Revenge Cheats

So I will have to say, I really enjoyed the light novel and manga. Between the two, the light novel is a better read.

Characters & Character Development

First off, I REALLY like the characters in the novel. There is a good deal of breadth of character types. They span the range of the typical archetypes.

However, over the course of the storyline, I noticed that none of the characters really develop beyond their initial introduction and subsequent power ups. Many characters tend to fall by the wayside and are discarded(either by leaving the storyline or by being killed off).

The main protagonist never really “learns” from his past mistakes. He more or less charges through in a smug manner while overpowering everyone who has ever wronged him. It’s a bit of a revenge fantasy for him.

The good that he does in the story… is heavily outweighed by the huge amount of resource consumption that he alone takes up. -_-;;

Repetitive Plot Segments

So referring to Dragonball Z again, the thing that got tiring about that series was the recurring plot line of “new enemy appears, must become stronger to overcome enemy, overcome enemy.”

In this series, however, it is more like, “knows about an enemy that will appear, steal all of the resources to benefit and power up one’s self, spare some to current set of companions, beat the enemy and advance to next area”. Rinse and repeat.

This is made more apparent by the constant reminder that he has knowledge from the future and that he intends to use it to the best of his abilities to become over powered. Along the way, he screws over people who wronged him in the past.

But Is It Good To Read?

Is it? Hmm.. The first two times I read the portions that were translated and published, I really enjoyed the storyline. So it is definitely good to read.

But, don’t delve too deeply into the underlying concepts presented in the storyline… aside from some occasional mysteries, the progression is pretty formulaic. Fun to read, but definitely not going to be thought provoking.