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Moon’s Labyrinth – Light Novel Brief Overview

Moon’s Labyrinth

AuthorHungry Panda

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So the story is centered around the concept that the Moon has magic and fantasy monsters. From them, a high density power source is harvested and used to power the Earth. Some humans are able to exist on the Moon and hunt the monsters. The story focuses on one person’s story as they go through their life’s high’s and lows.

A Rich World With Plenty of Depth

The writing style, the translated light novel version, reads very well. The story flows quite well. The primary culture is focused around the Korean culture. Every time I read a Korean light novel, I feel the strong desire to partake of some Korean cuisine.

Back to the story, starts out pretty intense. I have to admit that I found it hard to remain calm. The writing does a great job of conveying the truly unfair situation that they start in.

The fantasy elements borrow from the typical European fantasy archetypes, monsters, classes, and skills. So they are familiar and easy to relate to. The other protagonists in the story have pretty decent back stories as well. Their involvement with the main character comes about in a gradual manner and fully establish themselves.

I don’t know how I feel about the rationale for how he feels about the women in the story. But I think it does help the reader to see the personal development of the character.

I have to say, there are definitely satisfying portions of the story where I felt some justice was doled out in full measure. LOL

An Ending That Felt Rushed

The closing of the story felt rushed to me. It was still good reading, however, the wrapping up of key plot elements “just happened” during the last few chapters. The penultimate goals and targets did not feel nearly as impossible to overcome as one would have expected. Perhaps that is how it went down, but the change in the flow of the story was noticeably felt.

I don’t think that this kind of ending detracts from the prior chapters. Only that I felt like I lost out some how, like the author had other pressing things to work on, and had to wrap this project up.

Having said that, I do like this author’s writing and story telling style.