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Overgeared – Light Novel Initial Review

Light Novel “Overgeared” Overview

Started reading this a little over a year ago. Took a break from it and went back to reading it again. I’m reading the english translation that is being licensed by WuxiaWorld.

The story takes place in a future where the virtual reality game Satisfy exists. The world is a highly open environment powered by a super computer. Various old world eras exist within the game.

The main protagonist is a gamer by the name of Shin Youngwoo whose gamer name is Grid. The story takes the form of a protagonist with really bad luck, low self esteem, and a bad reputation. Despite all of this, he is a hardworking and diligent worker. As a result of his life circumstances, he has an untrusting nature and is slow to trust others. As the story progresses, his hard working nature eventually brings him the things that he desired at the start. His personality also develops in a positive manner.

Light Novel Reference

Title: Overgeared

Author: Park Saenal ( 박새날 )

Translator: rainbowturtle